August 15, 2020 2 min read

When I got my first dog I always thought I would just grab whatever food and treats I needed from the supermarket, so when the vet told us our dog had skin sensitivities I was in for a huge shock!

I had to make sure I checked the back of the packaging for anything that would trigger a reaction in my dog, I did not realise just how many by products and nasty additives were put into some treats at the supermarket.


When looking into treat alternatives I came across Laila and me, a Melbourne based brand that specializes in healthy dog treats. I sent an inquiry and the response was quick and very friendly, I placed an order not long after with full confidence these treats would be suitable for my dog and his sensitivities.


When I received my first order I couldn’t wait to give some to my dog to see if he would like them and if there would be any reactions (which there wasn’t).

All the treats are dehydrated so all the good nutrients and healthy fats are still in the treat and not removed in the cooking process, this to me was a huge plus! Not only was I giving my dog a treat, I was giving him something that was actually benefiting his health and wellbeing.

I have since then placed other orders and added in other goodies like toys and puppuccinos!


The price is extremely reasonable and with Afterpay it’s made it very easy to be able to spoil my pooch plus there isn’t a single item on the site that isn’t beneficial for my dog all treats are from human grade foods; I could almost eat them myself.  


I highly recommend trying Laila and me treats, they are a much healthier option over supermarket treats and your dog will love them!




melissa devereaux
melissa devereaux

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