August 15, 2020 2 min read

Throwing a party?Read on.


Anyone else thinks their dog turning one (or any age, for that matter) is a really big deal? Like, party worthy? Well, I certainly was excited and wanted to throw a party for her. Once my partner realised I was, in fact, serious, I began planning what I needed to throw a pretty neat shindig for my Miniature Schnauzer, Mavis. In my research, I found lots of venues require you to hire their space AND pay for their food. I didn’t really want to do this, as I wasn’t really sure if what I was paying was….er……justifiable. After planning and throwing my own party for Mavis, here are a few of the top tips which will hopefully mean your party is a raging success.


  1. Party food (for the dogs, not the humans).
    We opted for individual pupcakes from our friends at Laila and Me. This was simply because we had no space/knives/plates to cut a whole cake, which they can also personalise for your pup. Mel was awesome, she bakes us a heap of individually iced pupcakes which looked amazing. Mavis scoffed hers and managed to steal a second from the cake stand too. We also ordered 3 bags of the pilchards (they stink – warning) but are such a hit amongst the doggos. We had a couple of cavoodles arguing over these, so keep an eye on the treat thieves. We had a basket full of tennis balls on the table too, although everyone seemed more interested in the food.


  1. Playlist

The humans couldn’t enjoy the dried pilchards, but there were some sick tunes on repeat. Think Nelly, Destiny’s Child and 50-Cent. The essentials, really.


  1. Venue

We hired the FOMDAC clubhouse in Donvale. This is an indoor and outdoor council-run venue and was perfect for a party with 30 ish doggos and their humans. In terms of the humans, whilst we had a bit of food and some drinks available, honestly, most people were more interested in watching the dogs sniff each other’s bums and scoff their faces with treats.


  1. Party favours.
    To top off the day, we ordered a whole bunch of the Laila and Me carob bones, as party favours for our distinguished guests. These are a really generous size, and individually wrapped too. Mavis was very pleased when we over ordered and has been enjoying these at home weeks after her birthday.


I hope these tips make your pawty planning easier – and if you don’t have a dog to throw a party for, you can always borrow mine.


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melissa devereaux
melissa devereaux

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