What is a Puppicino?

January 17, 2022

What is a Puppicino?

Why choose Laila and Me's Puppicino

What is a Doggolatte?

A Dog-o-latte is a Laila and Me dog safe alternative to coffee, and what Starbucks affectionately call the puppicino.

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How is your Doggolatte different to a Puppicino?

Dog friendly cafes and coffee chains like Starbucks have been making and serving puppicino for years! This is just our version of it. Many dog friendly cafes serve a small cup of whipped cream, or even a frothed coconut milk, however we have made ours with twist. It is also filled with prebiotics and probiotics, so its super healthy for your dog.

Puppicino by Laila and Me, the healthy and best puppicino

What’s in the Doggolatte?

The Doggolatte/Puppicino is a milky drink made with a creamy coconut milk and yoghurt base mixed with delicious herbs that are specifically chosen to be beneficial to your dog’s health. It almost smells like a delicious chai latte.

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What benefits does the Doggolatte have?

Our delicious puppy milk drink has been created with your pet’s health in mind, we have chosen herbs like Chickery Root, Burdock Root and Cassia Cinnamon as they are known to support a healthy kidney and bladder in dogs, they also have amazing anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties! Tastes delicious and healthy for your dog what more can you ask for! 

How do you make a Doggolatte/ Puppicino?

Just add water and shake shake shake! We have done the formulation to make one just right drink for your dog.

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Can I serve your Doggolatte in my dog friendly café/grooming salon or doggy day care?

Yes! Coming soon are café packs which will have 50 servings, as well as single satchels if you’re on the go and just want to serve up on

What else can I make with my Doggolatte?

Follow our other blogs to get creative and make some epic Doggolatte based drinks.

You can also add ¼ of a teaspoon of our mixer of our Gummy powders to make coloured and flavoursome drinks (Beetroot, Green spirulina, Blue Butterfly Pea and Pink Pitaya)

Don’t forget to tag us on our Instagram, or look at our Instagram page for some inspo to make your own!

Laila and Me Puppacino for Dogs

Are Dogs lactose intolerant? Can they have the Yoghurt in it?

Whilst most dogs can tolerate a small amount of lactose, our Doggolatte does have yoghurt powder in it, so this product may not be suitable for all dogs if your dog doesn’t digest lactose well. Try a small amount with your dog and wait 24 hours to see if your dog responded well.

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Over to you

Did you give our Puppicino a try? What recipe did your pet love the most?

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