Beef Pet Treats Made in Australia

From lungs to toes, tracheas to penises‚Ķwhen we say ‚Äėnose to tail‚Äô, we really (really) mean it. Ain‚Äôt no part of any animal going to waste at Laila & Me headquarters, and this is especially true in the case of our extensive range of organic beef dog treats. Beef is a key component in most dogs' diets, and we really try to make the most of it.

  • Beef Bone Broth for Dogs ‚Äď enhance your dog's meal while assisting with digestive issues and their immune system
  • From the Paddock Meal Topper ‚Äď beef and lamb got married and had a powdered meal topper baby. The perfect protein boost for a fussy doggo (or cat)
  • Total Tripe Topper ‚Äď might sound gross, but you won‚Äôt find a more natural source of enzymes and good gut bacteria than this powerful powder
  • Reef and Beef Chunky Meal Topper (Limited Edition) ‚Äď a powder, but make it chunky! Added crunch and taste for your pup's mealtimes
  • DIY Gummi Bear Mix for Dogs ‚Äď get creative with ease thanks to our doggy gummi bear mixes. The 200g dry mix makes up to 500 gummies!!
  • Freeze Dried Raw Beef dog Treats ‚Äď Lean Australian Beef, freeze dried to perfection to lock in all important nutrients
  • Beef Snappies ‚Äď a training treat that is easily snapped into different sizes, that won't leave your pooch with a sore tummy post-school time
  • Beef Lung Cube (Limited Edition) ‚Äď high in taurine and amino acids, these beef dog treats are palatable and enticing for even the fussiest eaters
  • Moo Tube ‚Äď you poked it, you smelt it, you looked inside it‚Ķbut what is it? It‚Äôs the beef trachea, aka the windpipe! A great (stuffable) dental snack to keep your pooch busy
  • Cow Toe ‚Äď a healthy, long-lasting (also stuffable) dog chew that aids in healthy gums and clean teeth


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