DIY Gummi Bear Mix


Want to create your own doggie supplements at home.

This DIY mix makes over 500 gummies ~11 batches to be precise ~ so time to get *creative *

.. you can add our Laila and me meal enhancers or @unicornsuperfoods (CODE LAILA15)

Here’s why they are so *EPIC*

-Gelatine | The multi-superfood for Joint, Skin, Bone and Brain Heath ( our Gummi mix is 100% Australian grass-fed Bovine gelatine)

-High in Collagen to support joint pain & inflammation associated with arthritis AND can help soothe the digestive tract and increase nutrient absorption. 

-Contains 18 amino acids to assist with overall health and wellness 

- High in Protein which is necessary for tissue building & repair 

We’re so excited to bring you this original DIY gummi bear mix for dogs and see what flavour combo’s you create 

These are available to purchase in packs which include gummi bear moulds and our meal enhancers or as a stand-alone product, Ahh options  *bliss*

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