Fish Sampler- Whitebait and Pilchards

  • 80g Pilchards & 80g Whitebait
  • Here fishy fishy, try both of these Laila and Me seafood favourites, and save!
  • Both of the Whitebait and Pilchards are Australian Seafood, dehydrated and packed in  Australia.
  • They are both single product protein ingredients with no additives or preservatives.
  • Just wholesome seafood ingredient.

80g Pilchards & 80g Whitebait


“Whitebait” is the collective name for small immature fish of various species. In Australia this is often native trout, but can also be other species. As such, it’s unfortunately not possible to provide detailed nutrition advice regarding whitebait, however, it is safe to say that like all whole fish, it is a good source of calcium, protein and iodine. Given that it is small and young, the mercury levels of whitebait are low.


Whole pilchards are an excellent source of high quality protein and essential Omega 3 fatty acids.

Omega 3 is vital for the health of the immune system, skin and fur, and brain. Unfortunately, in the modern diet we tend to eat far too much Omega 6 and not enough Omega 3, which can upset the balance of healthy fats and lead to inflammatory conditions.

Adding wholefood sources of Omega 3, like pilchards, is an excellent way to combat this common dietary shortcoming.

Because they are small and sit low in the food chain, Pilchards also contain very low levels of mercury, when compared to larger fish with similar health benefits.

They are an excellent source of B vitamins, especially vitamin B12, as well as calcium, selenium, iodine, phosphorous, iron and vitamin A.

Pilchards are also a rare dietary source of vitamin D, which is especially important for dogs as they do not effectively convert vitamin D from sunlight like we do.

Vitamin D is important for strong and healthy bones and teeth, which are achieved by assisting with nutrient absorption and ensuring the body’s calcium and phosphorous levels are balanced.

Dog Nutrition

All of our Laila and Me Dehydrated Range of treats is backed Australia's trusted Dog Nutritionist Clare Kearney from HUNDE 

Be sure to head over to HUNDE website to read about a healthy raw diet and treats, as well as customised meal plans for your Canine or Feline.

Treat your pets with the benefits of heathy food.

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    Laura F.
    Australia Australia

    Buddy my Tibetan Terrier loves them, he tried whitebait and sardines. Will definitely purchase again

    Jane R.
    My Frenchie absolutely loves these!

    My Frenchie absolutely loves these!

    Vanessa F.
    Pretty insane so fresh

    Pretty insane so fresh

    It's Bambi's favourite snack ❤

    It's Bambi's favourite snack ❤

    June M.
    Bella loves her fish treats ? ?

    Bella loves her fish treats ? ?

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