Natural Dog Treats and Supplements

Why should humans get all the superfood fun? Our wellness range of dog biscuits is packed full of wholesome, organic, and vegan superfoods. These healthy treats not only look and smell divine; the taste will have your pooch thinking they are eating something they are not supposed to

  • Organic Hemp Seed Dog Treats – hemp seed oil for dogs made easy in our super popular Biscuit form
  • Organic Rosehip Dog Treats – roses have hips?? Similar to hemp seed, the fruit of the rose plant is a powerful addition to a pet's diet
  • Organic Tea Time Dog Treats – with all organic Ginko, Dandelion, Dill, Siberian Ginseng, and Rooibos, your dog will be the fanciest (and healthiest) on the block!
  • Wellness Range Bundle – the best way to sample all 3 of our Wellness Range healthy dog biscuits, all while saving some coin
  • Anxious Lil Thing Bundle – have an anxious pooch on your hand? This bundle includes everything they need to help calm their farm

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