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  • Bulk Croc Feet (Unpackaged)

    Bag of Croc Feet for Dogs

    With no additives or preservatives, you can feel confident knowing that our croc feet are a natural and healthy choice for your pet. We believe in keeping things simple and pure, providing a single-product protein ingredient treat that supports your dog's dietary needs.

    • 100% Australian Crocodile
    • No additives or preservatives
    • Single-product protein ingredient
    • 1kg unpackaged bags
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    **PLEASE NOTE** All bulk treats are packaged in ziplock bags 


    *PLEASE NOTE: Croc Feet are fragile and while we take good care some may break in transit

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    The Laila and Me premium range of dehydrated pet treats is a healthy alternative to commercially available pet treats packed full of preservatives. Our single protein treats are Made in Australia with locally sourced, human-grade meat from a HACCP-approved facility.