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    Bulk Freeze Dried Raw Kangaroo (Unpackaged)

    Bulk Freeze-Dried Kangaroo for Pets

    Kangaroo meat is an excellent source of high-quality protein, containing all ten essential amino acids that dogs require for optimal health. It promotes muscle development, supports a healthy immune system, and provides the energy your pets need to thrive.

    • 100% Australian Made and Locally sourced Kangaroo
    • High-quality protein with all ten essential amino acids that dogs require for health
    • Freeze-drying ensures all nutrients are retained without losing any flavor
    • Comes in a 1kg sized bag
    • Looking for a Smaller Freeze Dried Kangaroo Bag or Shop our Freeze Dried Range online

    **PLEASE NOTE** All bulk treats are packaged in ziplock bags 

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    The Laila and Me premium range of dehydrated pet treats are a healthy alternative to commercially available pet treats packed full of preservatives. Our single protein treats are Made in Australia with locally sourced, human-grade meat from a HACCP-approved facility.