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  • 10 Goals to achieve in 2022 with your pet

    January 22, 2022 4 min read

    10 Goals to achieve in 2022 with your pet

    Lets set some 2022 Pet Goals

    Here is a fun list of goals and new experiences to take with your dog this year! Let us know in the comments what you can add.

    1. Creating Enrichment for Your Dog

    Enrichment toys and treat dispenser toys for dogs are an easy and fun way to mentally stimulate your dog. Enrichment toys can hold large amounts of treats, or even your dogs kibble to slow down those gulpy dogs at mealtime. You can find great quality, hardy treat dispenser chews from brands like West paw, and Bullymake (Bullymake are based in the US but deliver quickly to Australia!).

    Another great enrichment tool is a snuffle matt. Spread your favourite Laila and Me treats all over the mat, and let your dog use their nose to sniff them out and enjoy!

    Our pals at Stylish Hound have great snuffle matts and an enrichment section here

    2. Crate Train Your Dog

    Is your dog crate trained? Crate training creates a safe space for your dog to sleep in, and also acts as a little retreat when things get overwhelming and they just want some time out. One huge benefit from crate training is your dog feeling safe inside their crate when there is a storm, fireworks, or if you have a party with a lot of people and loud music. Crate training also comes in handy in case of an emergency where your dog needs to be evacuated, or transported to a vet. If your dog is already used to the crate, then its less stressful for your dog to be put in a cage and into the back of a van. Here is a great guide to Crate Training your dog or puppy 

    3. Transitioning to a Raw Diet

    Are you currently feeding overly processed kibble? Why not start transitioning your dog to a fresh food diet! A good place to start is adding ½ a cup of fresh veggies to your dogs kibble. This will make a vast improvement to your dogs diet, and make it easier to transition to a full raw diet. Want some great tips and more benefits? Take a look at the Rawvolution Instagram for some more handy tips!

     4. Fun Monthly Hike

    There is so many dog friendly hiking tracks around Australia where you can take your dog both on and off leash. Just be mindful to always check the national parks rules, as they vary from state to state/park to park. This is to ensure the wildlife is kept safe, as well as other park visitors. Also be mindful of snakes in the summer warm seasons. Pack plenty of water and your Laila and Me travel water bowl check out some dog friendly hiking tracks in Australia here     

     5. Road Trip!

    Pack the car, pack a picnic (and some Laila and Me treats) and hit the road! There is plenty of great day trips that can be taken in all areas of Australia. Be sure your dog is safely restrained in your car, as its now illegal in most states to have a dog unrestrained in your car (not to mention pretty unsafe). Worried about your back seat being covered in mess? Indie Boho have these super cute travel mats that can double as car seat cover 

    6. Beach Trip!

    What doggo doesn’t love the beach?! Just be careful folks’…same rules apply as off lead dog parks/areas. Be sure to check the signage of your local beach to make sure it’s off lead, as well as whether they have certain times that dogs can/can’t be on the beach. Some beaches in Australia are only dog friendly and off leash on the off season (winter). The team at Holidaying with dogs have put together a guide to some of the best dog friendly beaches in Australia

    7.Throw a Doggie Party!

    Hosting a dog pawty can be super fun excuse to catch up with your favourite dogs and humans alike. This doesn’t just have to be for your dogs birthday, but could be for their ‘gotcha’ day (the date you bought home or adopted the dog), a Valentines, Christmas, or Easter party….whatever your pup desires! Head to our website and download the guide for making your dog a dog friendly Pupcake, and tips on throwing a successful dog party here

    8. Start Your Dog an Instagram Account

    What better way to meet like-minded people in your area than starting your dog their own insta account? It’s also a great way to keep a safe album of those precious memories, pics, and videos and watch your dog grow, without spamming people on your personal account.

    9. Aim for a 30 min Walk Daily with Your Dog

    Walking is an important part of every dogs life to keep them healthy and happy, not to mention being a great excuse for you to get your steps up. Dogs see and interpret the world though scent, so get out there and let them sniff!

    10. Take Your Dog to a Dog Friendly Café for Brunch

    Dog friendly café’s are more popular than ever, and are waiting for you to visit with your well behaved pup. A lot of café’s even have a separate doggy menu and offer all things from dog friendly parma’s to our very own Laila and Me Doggolatte’s. Call ahead to see if they have a dog friendly area that can be reserved (bonus), and be sure you keep your dog on a leash. Don’t forget a portable mat for them to sit on, and a water bottle.

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