About Laila and Me

 Australian Pet Treat Manufacturer and Company

We have a serious question for you. Okay, be honest. Have you ever...tried one of your dog's treats?

 Here's the thing - your dog's food shouldn't freak you out like that...it SHOULD be human-grade - made of real food, real meat, and NO processed, toxic nasties.

Dog treats should pass the ‘human’ test. In theory - we're not saying you should start some dehydrated dog treats Australia food eating TikTok trend, alright? Though let’s be real, there’s probably someone eating dog biscuits on TikTok currently…anyway, where were we?

Oh yeah! Our amazing treats!

We have the highest quality dog treats available in Australia and will happily deliver them straight to your door.

So, what makes our treats so special?

Our treats are all made from single-ingredient proteins, are nutrient-dense, contain a multitude of beneficial vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, and are completely free from artificial preservatives, additives and chemicals – we’ve formulated these treats to support doggy health and well-being.

- Single-ingredient protein

- Nutrient-dense

- Contain beneficial vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids

- Nothing artificial; no preservatives, no additives, no chemicals

I launched Laila and Me in 2015, when my own doggo Laila was experiencing severe allergies and skin reactions. The tests began and we started with a food elimination diet, but this was tough – I still wanted to give her the occasional treat. So off we went to the pet store to stock up on what I thought were healthy treats, but when I read the packaging, I was shocked and horrified to find that these treats were highly processed, full of salt, sugar, glycerin, filler carbohydrates and other nasties. I was so outraged with the misleading packaging and lack of legitimately healthy treats, that I decided to make my own….and here we are today!

Laila and Me is the number-one healthy alternative to the preservative-filled commercial treats currently on the market. We’re on a mission to educate pet parents about the kinds of treats they offer their precious pupperinos. We are a small Australian-owned business based in Melbourne, Australia, offering 100% Australian made dog treats. And hey, they’re so good, you might just be tempted to try them yourself! #nojudgement 😉

Mel and Laila x


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