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  • FAQs

    Have a question about our Australian Made Pet Treats? We have done our best to listen to the most frequently asked questions below. 

    Still need help with something? Please head over to our Contact page to send us an email.


    Being an Australian small business, we love to support local where we can.

    All of our meat and seafood are sourced and processed in Australia.

    *If something is ever not Australian made, it will be explicitly stated and is up to buyer discretion. I.e NZ Green-lipped Mussels

    We are very transparent about what goes into our treats, all of our ingredients can be found in the product information of the treat selected, as well as on the treat bag you receive. However, all of our Dehydrated range and Freeze-dried raw range is single product protein.. meaning what you see is what you get! 1 ingredient 

    None of our treats contain any additives, fillers or preservatives.

    We always recommend supervising and monitoring your pet while they’re consuming a treat or chew & ensuring that you have picked a treat that is size appropriate and appropriate for the chewing style of your dog.

    Dogs and Cats have jaws and a teeth structure that is different to humans, as they cannot move their jaw side to side to "chew"  they can only move their jaw up and down to grind their food. 

    Each dog will have its own chew/grind style, it's not a one size fits all approach, Dogs will have chew styles that vary between aggressive chewers/golpers who are desperate to finish the treat/chew as fast as they can to dogs who are methodical and like to take there time. 

    Dogs and cats will naturally swallow food/treats/bones that are just small enough to pass through their esophagus, if they cannot swallow it whole, they will regurgitate it up and grind it again to make it small enough to swallow.  This can be quite distressing for humans to see as we think our dog is choking, so we strongly suggest you supervise your dog and make sure the treats you are giving them are size appropriate for your dog's own chew style. 

    Chewing is a great stress reliever for your dog! so let them find a quiet spot to alleviate some anxiety and give their teeth a good clean.

    Unfortunately, just like us when we eat too many snacks, our dogs can feel sick from eating too many treats. 

    Many of our treats can be used for training and boredom busting, but it is important to be aware not to overfeed. There is no clear cut rule about how much or how little to feed, judge it by how your dog is acting and how their bowel movements are. 

    E.g. overfeeding liver/offal based treats can cause dogs to have very loose stools (it’s also why we have created our Beef Snappies  Chicken Jerky and Whitebait for training purposes to avoid this).

    Liver is a great source of protein and a range of various vitamins and minerals. The vitamins and minerals are often in very concentrated amounts and shouldn’t exceed more than 10% of your dog's daily diet. The same thing goes for any offal treat like Heart, Lungs, Spleen, and Kidney. While these treats are more cost-effective, they should be fed in small doses.

    Overfeeding liver can be very dangerous for dogs (and cats), click here to find out more on toxicity concerns when feeding liver. 

    There is a bunch of reasons you might want to feed low-fat treats. Maybe you’ve got a new puppy or rescue and you’re doing a lot of reward-based training; maybe your dog had pancreatitis and needs to watch their fat intake, or maybe they’ve gone a bit hard on the treats and need to lose a few pounds.

    We stock a variety of low-fat options for your dogs; you can utilise the search function by typing ‘low fat’ to view the range of treats we have available to suit your dog. 

    Otherwise, you can shop them here and read more about low-fat dog treats here

    While we love using a variety of treats for training, a staple for most of our customers is our Beef Snappies. They’re made from 100% Australian beef and come ready for you to snap off into small bite-size pieces; suitable for any sized dog. 

    Shop them here

    Allergic to beef? Try our Lamb Puffs instead; shop them here.

    For puppies we can recommend a range of treats; providing your puppy has no known allergies or intolerances to proteins you can try some of our customer favourites for puppies: Beef Snappies, Lamb Puffs, Chicken Jerky, Freeze Dried Beef, and Chicken hearts.

    For puppy safe chews we recommend: Shark Tail, Furry Cow Ear, and Moo Tubes 

    For seniors, we recommend softer treats or breaking treats up into smaller pieces for those who struggle to chew and break down treats. Provided there are no known allergies or intolerances our Freeze-Dried Raw range is perfect (and a crowd favourite). 

     *We recommend supervising your puppy/senior at all times when consuming treats or chews. 

    Another great trick is to rehydrate the freeze-dried or dehydrated treats in some warm water for a few minutes, this will reconstitute them back to their natural raw state, and make them a little softer and more pliable to eat.

    As our ethos stands, we like to use as much of the animal as possible and minimise our wastage with our ‘nose to tail’ approach.

    Fur is packed full of benefits and nutrients. 

    Some benefits are:

    Rich in fibre (helps clear out the gut and can provide some relief for dogs with anal gland issues) Source of manganese  Dental health benefits

    You can read more about feeding fur on our blog here and shop our furry range here

    The second best thing, aside from the treats themselves, is that they are all dehydrated or freeze-dried to enable them to have the longest shelf life they can.  Moisture is the enemy here, so if you live in a hot or humid area, make sure you keep your treats in a cool dry place.

    Most of our treats have a shelf life of up to 2-3 years (if they’re kept in an airtight container or their original packaging) if they were to ever last that long ;)

    Shipping / Turnaround Times and Returns

    We always aim to have your order packed and ready to ship within 2-5 days from your ordering. 

    Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a notification via email along with the tracking number; the courier will provide an estimated delivery time frame for your order. 

    *Please allow a few extra days for processing time during peak periods and sales.

    You are responsible for putting in the correct shipping details, if you see an error, please email us at and if it hasn't been shipped yet, we will try out best to intercept it and change the address on it, however, if it has been shipped it is your responsibility to have it redirected though the shipping agent at your own cost.

    Once your order leaves our warehouse, we cannot take responsibility for damage that occurred whilst in transit, we use Australia Post and Sendle for shipping, if damage occurs in transit please let us know if you need help to make a claim with the relevant shipping agent.

    While this is a rarity, accidents can happen, please email us at with your order number specified and supporting photos in the email to arrange the correct items to be sent out to you. If this happens, and it was a sale item or the item is now out of stock, a refund may be issued rather than a resend- this will be a discretionary decision.

    With sale items and clearance stock, we do not accept refunds and returns on these items.

    All refunds will be issued back onto the original payment method

    For our refund policy, please click here.

    We care about the environment and try and make our packaging as eco-friendly and cost-effective as possible; we do this by:

    - Using recyclable corrugated kraft paper to fill air gaps in your orders

    -Reusing boxes and reusing cartons with your larger orders 

    -Using corrugated kraft boxes to send your orders in

    -Keeping the dental chews loose, wrapped in kraft paper or in corn starch satchel bags

    -All of our satchels are made from cornstarch and are compostable

    COVID and International Shipping

    At the moment, due to the rising costs of international shipping, we have taken away the international shipping options.

    Hopefully soon when flights resume to normal we can start getting these treats shipped to all our international friends.

    Payment Methods

    You can checkout with AMEX, Mastercard, Visa, ApplePay, GooglePay, Paypal, AfterPay or ShopPay. 

    Unfortunately, only one discount code per transaction 

    No, these are already great value :)

    Wholesale and Where to Buy

    We sure do! We would love to see some of our range in your business. 

    Apply for a wholesale account here

    Any questions? Email us on: 

    Habitat Pet Supplies Altona North, Burwood or Chirnside Park, Vic

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    Peticular -Peregian Beach QLD

    Aloha Hound- Loganholme QLD

    Bb’s Doggy Day Care and Grooming - Geelong, Vic

    My Dog Groomer - Geelong Vic

    Oodlerella - Highett, Vic

    Waggy Tails Doggy Day Care- Eltham, Vic

    Molly & me dog boutique - Vermont, Vic

    Zachs Pet Store

    Pet Market 

    Hounds HQ

    Trendy Fur Babies

    World for pets 

    Dante’s Pet shop 

    Pet Hamper 


    Our warehouse/Factory located in Thomastown isn't generally open to the public, however, you may pick your order up by appointment.

    Simply place the order, and send us an email requesting pick up, if we can accommodate a time suitable to both of us, we will refund your shipping and invite you in. 

    Please bring your dog, we love to meet them!