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    Did your dog get Rawhide Pet Treats for a Christmas or have you seen it in pet shops and just grabbed it as a cheap treat? Ever wonder why Rawhide is so bad for pets?

    Do your dog a favour and take the pledge, to find out the ugly truth about Raw Hide!

    Once you take the pledge well issue you with a $10 voucher to use at Laila and Me, where you can treat your dog to a healthy natural alternatives in our dental chews 

    Rawhide – the nasty truth

    Hides are stripped from the cow and soaked in chemicals to ensure it “preserves” the product during transport to help prevent it going rancid/rotten enroute to the tannery!

    • Now at the tannery, it’s time for another chemical bath of ash-lye solution or a highly toxic recipe of sodium sulphide liming. This toxic solution disintegrates any hair or fat that may be left on the hide.

    • Now it’s time to make that hide shine, and more visually appealing to the dog owner! Hides are bleached and whitened using a solution of hydrogen peroxide and bleach; this will also help remove the smell of the rotten or putrid leather.

    Independent testing of rawhides has been known to contain: Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Chromium salts, Formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals.

    What is the pledge?

    I promise to join the #mydogsaysnotorawhide movement and raise awareness on why this treat is dangerous and needs to be banned in Australia.

    I promise to do this by saving and sharing the below image on my social media platforms as well as the hashtag #mydogsaysnotorawhide and pledge to NEVER give my dog a rawhide treat, and opt for a more healthy and nutritional treat.