Pet Treats with Fur - Australian Sourced Pet Meat

Why do we keep it furry? Simple! We like to keep our dog treats as natural as we possibly can. Unlike Rawhide (which is subject to multiple processes and chemical treatments), our chews are dehydrated in their natural fuzzy state with all the goodness preserved. Yes, your pooch can eat the fur, which is actually a wonderful source of fibre! Our dog treats with the fur include: 

  • Kangaroo Ear with Fur - keep your pooch busy with a hypoallergenic chew treat
  • Natural Cow Skin Chew ‚Äď a long-lasting treat that is also a great dental snack to keep your dog's mouth and teeth clean
  • Natural Cow Ear with Fur ‚Äď pup loving kangaroo ears? Then they will seriously love a cow ear treat with fur! Each ear is approx. 20cm in length (sizes vary as they are a natural treat)
  • Natural Cow Nose with Fur ‚Äď another great option for a long-lasting treat with fur. At approx. 12cm x 8cm (sizes vary as they are a natural treat), this treat will keep your little mate very busy!

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