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  • Can I walk my dog in the middle of the day?

    January 25, 2023 2 min read

    Protect your Pets Paws - Laila and Me

    Time and time again we see people walking their dogs in high temperatures even though there is a lot of info circling reminding people not to walk their dogs in the heat. This seems to be because there is a lot of confusion on how hot is too hot.

    How to tell if the ground is too hot for your pet

    An easy way to judge whether it is too hot, it is to put the back of your hand on the pavement for 7 seconds. If it is hot and uncomfortable to you, it is safe to say it will be uncomfortable for your dog and could end up burning their precious paws. 

    Some people think driving to places like the beach, or grassy parks is ok as their dogs’ paws aren’t touching concrete or asphalt, but this isn’t the case. For example, if the temperature is 35 degrees, sand temperature could be up to 50 degrees, and grass temperature could be up to 41 degrees!

    How to keep your pet occupied on a hot day

    If your dog is used to a daily walk or two, the thought of keeping them inside climbing the walls and staring at you with their ‘when are we going for a walk?’ eyes can be daunting. There are however ways of keeping them (and yourself) busy, while having a bit of fun and staying hydrated.

    Summer Frozen Treats for Pets

    There are a lot on insta-worthy, complicated recipes around which might seem like too much effort, especially if you aren’t sure if your pupper is even going to give it a go! But the truth is, frozen treats don’t have to be complicated, or even edible! Use an old ice cream container, or any freezeable vessel you have on hand to freeze their favourite toys in plain water or bone broth and make them work to get them out. They might look at it a bit confused, (maybe even slightly offended), but if you start them off with a little peanut butter spread on top or something else they love, they should hopefully give it a go and keep them occupied for a long time!


    Swimming for Dogs in Summer

    If your dog loves water, there are plenty of blow-up pools at low prices around. If your dog likes to attack blow up pools and scratch/bite holes in them, you can pick up a plastic pool set from Kmart for $29. If you really feel like spoiling the fur babe, there are some seriously cool splash/sprinkler pads, and fancy foldable pet pools from places like Pet Circle and Petstock. Not only are these super fun, but make for some extremely cute pics.

    Lazy Summer Dogs Toys and Cooling Products

    Maybe you have a lazy pup, a senior citizen, or a brachiocephalic Frenchie that struggles in the heat and just wants to chillax. Help keep them comfortable with a cooling mat, cooling vest or a cooling collar/bandana. These range from about $6-$40 from places like Kmart, Petbarn and Fuzzyard


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