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  • Can my dog eat Chicken Necks?

    October 09, 2021 2 min read

    Dehydrated Chicken Necks - Laila and Me

    Is it ok for my dog to eat chicken necks?

    Chicken is an excellent source of low fat, high quality animal protein. Protein is the building blocks of the body and dogs have particularly high protein requirement. Like all animal proteins, chicken is a β€œcomplete” protein, meaning that it contains all ten of the essential amino acids that dogs require for health. All B vitamins are present in chicken meat, but it is a particularly good source of vitamin B3, which is vital for energy production. Poultry like chicken is also the best dietary source of vitamin B6, which offers the same benefits as B3, while also supporting the health of the immune system and brain.

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    Chicken Necks are low in sodium

    Chicken is naturally low in sodium, while offering high levels of the important but often scarce mineral selenium. Selenium is important for the health of the immune system. High levels of phosphorous are also present in this lean meat, which is vital for bone health, as well as moderate levels of zinc, copper, magnesium and iron.

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    Treats to help pets dental health

    The bone content of chicken necks provides an excellent dose of calcium, which is vital for the health of bones and teeth. In addition, chewing bones acts as a natural teeth cleaner for dogs. Periodontal disease is one of the most common and serious ailments modern dogs experience, and can led to a host of heath problems throughout the body. The health of the mouth is vital to the health of the body and gnawing chicken necks is an excellent method to easily and naturally clean your dog’s teeth.

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