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  • Can my dog eat Veal?

    October 09, 2021 2 min read

    Benefits of Veal for Dogs - Laila and Me

    Is Veal good for Dogs?

    Venison is a lean, high protein meat, which contains low levels of saturated fats. As an animal protein it contains all ten of the amino acids dogs require, and has higher than average levels of L-carnitine, which is particularly beneficial for dogs eating a cooked diet as L-carnitine is very heat sensitive. Venison is higher in protein than other red meats and lower in fat. Nutritionally similar to kangaroo, venison is a game meat and contains high levels of CoQ10, B vitamins, zinc, iron, phosphorous and selenium.

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    Benefits of feeding your pet veal

    - Contains 10 Amino Acids
    - L-Carnitine
    - High in protein
    - Low in Fat
    - Contains high levels of CoQ10
    - Contains B Vitamins
    - Zinc
    - Iron
    - Phosphorous
    - Selenium

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    Meat that is good for dogs with allergies

    Venison is also not subject to the same issues as factory farmed meats, such as poor quality grain-based feeds high in Omega 6, or sustainability issues. Because it is a less common meat it can be an excellent choice for dogs with allergy issues who are intolerant or allergic to many common proteins, as it is often novel to them (ie. they have never eaten it before). Venison is also a fantastic choice for dogs requiring leaner treats, such as those needing to shed a few pounds, without missing out on rewards for good behaviour. 

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    Over to you

    Does your pet suffer from allergies? What has been the best source of food you have found so far?

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