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  • How to host a pet party

    August 03, 2020 2 min read

    How to host a pet party - laila and me

    Pet Birthday Party Ideas

    Throwing a birthday party for your pooch is a fabulous way to get your family, friends and their pooches together for a celebratory event! We have chosen our top 3 tips for hosting your own doggie birthday party to ensure all puppies have a barking good time!

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    Laila and Me tips to hosting a pet party

    1. Ensure that you have a secure space/environment for all of your guests and ask for all owners to bring the dogs into the party on a lead (just until everyone is starting to feel comfortable around one another). Large, open spaces are thebest option for a dog party and if you donโ€™t have the space at home, why not think about moving the party to a park? You will need to check with council first to ensure that you can have dogs at the park of your choice. Also it is a great idea to choose a park that is secured so no puppies can escape!


    1. It is always a great idea at a pooch party to have some games organised, and this can be as easy as Frisbee and tennis balls to have a simple throw and catch game between owners and their pets. One of our favourites at Laila and Me is having an agility obstacle course set up whereby the pups can jump over equipment, run through tunnels and crawl under boxes. Have lots of treats and water bowls on hand to give them the incentive to keep going! Be sure to fill up the water bowls all throughout the party and have extra poop bags for your human guests to use!


    1. Be sure to have some pawlicious treats to have at the party and perhaps a little goodie bag for them to take home and enjoy on their own. It is important to make sure that you have lots of food and it is spread out to ensure that the pups donโ€™t get territorial. Think donuts, carob dipped bones and doggie hearts and donโ€™t forget the doggie birthday cake! At Laila and Me, we love supplying treats for doggie birthday parties.ย 

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    how to host a pet party - laila and me

    Gifts for Pets

    If you are looking for a gift for your pooch or to take to the special birthday dog when invited to a doggie party, check out the doggie birthday box

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    It is all about celebrating the connection we all have with our pets and we hope our top 3 tips for hosting your own doggie party gives you some inspiration to throw your own.ย 

    Over to you

    Are you hosting a party for your pet? Have more tips to help others? Comment them below

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