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  • Laila and Me Review By @bookofbertie

    August 15, 2020 4 min read

    Laila and Me Review By @bookofbertie-Laila and Me

    Natural Pet Treats for my Dog

    After getting my first dog Bertie I was determined not to make the same mistakes my family had made with our dog Buddy. Growing up my family’s dog history consisted of two Chow Chows (one aggressive with dogs, the other aggressive with people) and one hell of a fat pug named Buddy. Actually, this dog wasn’t fat, he was OBESE. He was so fat you couldn’t even make a joke about his ‘rolls having rolls’ because he’d filled them all out. Instead he looked like someone had taken his fur, stretched it over a beer keg and added legs. He was the result of an over keen and ill-informed family that thought a diet of Shmackos and canned supermarket food was the way to go…we were so so wrong.

    Fifteen years later as an ‘adult’ woman I got Bertie, a smooth coat Brussels Griffon. As I held him in my arms on the car ride home I looked down at his stupid little face and thought two things,

    1. I’m going to do right by you
    2. What the hell is that smell?!

    I got Bertie around the time that there was a lot of noise in the news about dogs being poisoned, and in some cases dying from liver failure after eating Chinese imported supermarket treats. It was really horrifying stuff and as a new pet owner, I was determined not let it happen to my dog.

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    Buying dog treats from the supermarket was all I’d ever known and with that option now off the table I had to find an alternative and fast! I was quickly learning that my stupid faced puppy was an absolute shit machine and unless I could find a reward more powerful than puppy kibble when he did his business outside, he was bound to leave tiny witches finger shaped poo's around my house forever.

    That’s when Laila and Me entered our lives. They contacted us via Instagram and offered to send some of their natural treats for Bertie to try. The timing was excellent and within the week one of their signature white boxes showed up at our door. Inside was a range of dehydrated treats and biscuits for Bertie to try. From there the rest is history, we’ve been huge fans ever since and support the brand as both Brand Reps and as paying customers.

    In my experience both working with and buying from Laila and Me there are four key areas that stand out…

    Affordable Pet Treats

    Laila and Me treats are affordable. That’s not to be confused with cheap. Their prices are comparable with any high quality pet grade treats you might buy from a Vet Clinic or pet specialty store. They aren’t the $3.00 packet of no-name brand dog treats from the bargain bin at the supermarket…which is exactly why I like them. They’re honest prices for quality product.

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    Genuinely homemade pet treats

    Mel (the me from Laila and Me) makes all her products with her own hands and in her own home so she knows exactly what goes into them. This is a big deal to me as while there are a lot of competitors in the pet treat space there aren’t many that genuinely make all of their treats themselves, although they might let you to think they do. Many businesses outsource and repackage their product which is totally fine for some people, but for me personally, I like to know how my dog’s treats are sourced and made. Without that transparency, I have no idea whether I’m rewarding or poisoning my dog.

    Huge Variety of Pet Treats

    When it comes to variety there’s a HUGE amount of treats to choose from. While Bertie has probably tried most of them, like anything there are some treats he LOVES and some he’s not huge on. The Lamb Liver and Chicken Necks for instance are like Crack cocaine for him and he’d sell his soul for a bag. Other treats like the Kangaroo Jerky aren’t his faves but his sister Fig goes nuts over them. Like people dogs have their own preferences and it’s interesting to learn what they like and don’t.

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    Pet Lovers Community

    Once you buy from Laila and Me you are a part of the community, it’s like a cult…haha I’m kidding. Mel is always contactable via email or social media to answer any treat related questions you might have and to provide product support. In addition, the Laila and Me social media pages are filled with some of the friendliest and most fun pet owners around and we have been lucky to meet many of them at the regular catch-ups and parties that Laila and Me organise for their customers.

    One year later and my little poo machine Bertie is happy, healthy and (I might be jinxing this but here we go) finally toilet trained! Thanks, at least in part to Laila and Me.

    With the arrival of our second little poo machine Fig last month I’ve started the joys of toilet training once more and rest assured will continue training with Laila and Me treats to get the job done.

    It’s great to know that I’m giving my dogs treats that will keep them happy and healthy, while also supporting an Australian business that genuinely cares about their products and their customers.

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    Find Kat, Bert & Fig on Instagram

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