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  • Supporting Local Manufacturers and Keep Aussie Products on our Shelves!

    January 04, 2024 2 min read

    Supporting Local Manufacturers and Keep Aussie Products on our Shelves!

    Here at Laila and Me, we are a team of local woman who manufacture all our products in our Bendigo warehouse, and ship from our Thomastown Warehouse. From the chopping of the raw meat, to hauling pallets off the back of trucks with forklifts…it is all done by our team of local ladies.  

    We choose to set up shop in Bendigo to help sustain the growth of the local community, creating jobs, and helping to development the economic development of a regional Victorian town. By choosing to shop with Laila and Me, you are contributing to this growth, as well as so many other benefits! 

    Local manufacturing means shorter supply chains. This reduces the need for long-distance transportation and lowers the carbon footprint associated with the production and delivery of goods. Shorter supply chains also means quick and efficient delivery, and who doesn’t love that!

    We have a better understanding of your preferences (because they are ours too!) and can tailor our products to suit. This means higher quality customisation, and being able to not only satisfy customer expectations, but exceed them. 

    By choosing local, you know you are supporting and sustaining jobs that adhere to Australia’s strict labour standards, provide fair wages, and a safe working environment for employees. 

    Communication is also a lot easier with a local business. If you have any queries, we will get back to you quickly, and transparently. Fostering the amazing relationship, we have with our customers is our main focus. There is nothing you can’t ask without getting a quick, and straight answer.

    With dog treats specifically, the quality and safety standards are miles ahead of our overseas competitors. The labelling regulations allow pet owners to make informed decisions about which treats they choose and ensures that if there are any additives or allergens included, they are marked clearly on the packaging. This means cleaner, and more natural products for our pets that provide essential nutrients and are not packed with toxic nasties! 

    We use a nose-to-tail philosophy, which means we take leftovers from the human supply chain that would usually end up in landfill, and create treats to nourish our pets, all while putting some extra money in Australian farmers pockets. 

    By supporting local manufacturers, not only can you have a greater confidence in the quality of the products, but you are also directly sustaining the local economy, supporting local farmers, and being more eco-friendly, all while giving your pet the best, and healthiest option.

    An image of a woman weighing dog treats at Laila and Me. She is wearing a vest with a bright pink long sleeved top on. She is in the Laila and Me Thomastown Warehouse bagging fresh dog treats.

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