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  • Transitioning to a Raw Fresh Food Diet

    July 24, 2021 2 min read

    how to switch to raw feeding - laila and me

    Five reasons to start the transition to a raw food diet 

    We want your best friend to be the healthiest and happiest they can be! We have put together our top five reasons to choose raw fresh foods for your furry friend, to ensure they can be happy and vigorous into their older years.

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    1. Healthier teeth

    If you have been perplexed by the trend for brushing pets’ teeth, know that they would not need this if they ate natural foods. Tooth decay is not just painful for animals; it can also distress the heart and respiratory system. Dogs can get gingivitis just like people do, and that results in tooth loss – or worse. Our furry friends get to chew bones, rubbing plaque and tartar off their teeth with a wholesome, raw diet.

    2. Boost your pet's immune system.

    A diet including raw whole fresh foods served alternatively over time will help give your pet a strong immune system and healthy bones, teeth, coat, and skin.

    3. Avoid common diseases and chronic illness.

    Raw food along with plenty of exercise will help your pets avoid diseases like heart failure, auto-immune disorders, diabetes, kidney-failure etc.

    4. Dangerous substances are added to standard processed pet foods.

    Preservatives, additives, colours, flavour enhancers and other dangerous non-nutritive substances are added to the standard processed pet foods. With the raw, wholesome diet, your best friend is not consuming added preservatives, additives 

    5. Their thirst is quenched.

    Their thirst is quenched! Raw food contains moisture which aid in hydration. When eating kibble due to the high amounts of starch and carbohydrate your pooch has a constant need to drink.

    Transitioning your pet to a new diet can be pretty scary, we know. But there are lots of things you can do to make sure it goes smoothly.

    How to switch to raw feeding - Laila and Me

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    How fast can I change my pets diet to raw?

    We recommend gradually changing your pet's food over about a week, and adding some toppers that may help if you find they experience a bit of tummy upset.

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    Cooked pumpkin or Bumpkin is an easy to digest source of fibre and great for easing an upset tum. Bone broth can help to line the intestinal tract wall and can be a fantastic tool for transitioning to a new diet.

    Sometimes a bit of probiotic rich kefir will help by adding lots of good bacteria to strengthen the health of the gut and improve digestion.

    We always recommend that you go slow and give your dog time to adapt, but we're sure they will be loving it in no time. 

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    Over to you

    Have you switched to Raw Feeding? How did you find the journey? 

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