What can I do for my dogs’ bad breath?

August 23, 2021 2 min read

What can I give my pet to help with its breath? - Laila and Me

What can I do for my dogs’ bad breath?

 Your dog wants to give you all the love and kisses in the world, there is just one problem. That Doggie death breath! Bad doggie breath can be caused by periodontal disease, which includes plaque, gingivitis, tartar and bad bacteria build up in your dog’s mouth.

Here are some natural products and ways to help naturally fight bad dog breath

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Can Parsley help my dogs breath?

Adding Parsley to your dog’s meals is filled with great benefits for your dog’s bad breath. Parsley is filled with Chlorophyll which helps fight the bacteria in their mouth and soothes the digestive system. When choosing a parsley to add to your dog’s diet be sure to use the curly leaf variety, or you can feed some of our best-selling Parsley Chicken

 What is Ascophyllum Nodosum (AKA Seaweed)

Got stinky breath? Ascophyllum Nodosum, aka ‘weed, has been clinically studied and proven to fight periodontal disease — a condition that affects two-thirds of dogs and cats past the tender age of just two. Seaweed fights dental disease through a combination of properties that prevent plaque from being deposited on the teeth and prevent bacteria from adhering to the tooth, while also inhibiting tartar. The mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body and its health is paramount to the prevention of all sorts of nasty diseases. Try adding some of our feed the weed’ meal topper onto your dog’s meals and smell the difference in your dog’s breath!  

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Doggie Tea 

Yep, you heard right! Tea for Dogs. An antibacterial and antimicrobial tea for dogs that improves doggie breath from the inside out.

The certified organic ingredients in Kiss Me tea work together to improve digestion to assist your furry friend’s canine halitosis (bad breath) and:

  • Improve digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Treat and prevent mouth ulcers and infections
  • Prevent gingivitis and bacteria multiplying in your dog’s mouth

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 Raw Meaty Bones and Dental treats

A good old chewing session on a raw meaty bone or dental treat Can not only cure boredom, but naturally remove plaque build-up, which is a great way to keep oral heath in check.

 Remember to have regular vet visits so the vet can advise if teeth cleaning under sedation is required or if your Dogs bad breath could be caused by other issues including kidney, liver disease or diabetes.

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melissa devereaux

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