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  • DIY Gummi Bear Mix for Dogs


    DIY Gummi Bear Mix for Dogs

    The original and the best DIY Gummi Bear mix for dogs!

    These teddies won’t make it home after their picnic once your pooch catches a whiff! Get creative by adding different meal toppers, colours, fruit, sprinkles etc... The options are endless, and so much fun!

    • 200g of dry mix makes 11 batches, which is over 500 gummies!
    • Promotes gut health and digestion
    • Stimulates collagen for joint health
    • Improves fat metabolism
    • Great DIY treat with health benefits
    • Pet Nutritionist & Vet Endorsed

    *PLEASE NOTE when purchasing the Mix and Mould Bundles that the colours are selected at random and only come with 1 Mould.

    100% Australian Bovine Gelatin.
    Can my puppy have this?
    Yes, puppies can have our range of supplements. We strongly recommend speaking with your vet prior to commencing any supplements or herbal products for your growing puppy. 
    How do you use it?
    Scroll down a bit further, and check out our link below. You also get this as an insert when you order, so you can refer back to it. They are easy to make, delicious and a crowd favourite! 
    I have a question, how can I get in touch?
    We welcome any and all questions! Please contact us here.

    👉🏼 Learn How to make DIY Gummi Bears for Pets

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