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  • Pure Wheat Germ Oil

    Wheatgerm Oil For Dogs

    Wheatgerm oil for dogs is the pure oil extracted from the germ of a wheat kernel. It is high in linoleic acid and the most concentrated food source of natural vitamin E on the planet, which makes it an incredibly nutritious addition to any dog’s diet.

    • Vitamin E is an Antioxidant-Rich Vitamin
    • Helps with Wound Healing and Skin Health
    • Protects the cells from free radical damage and the associated diseases
    • Helps fight diseases such as heart disease and cancer
    • Comes in a super cute Purple Eco-Friendly Bottle
    • 120mls
    • Don't forget your pets Powdered Supplements and Treats

    Vitamin E is also essential for the health of the immune system. You can read more about Vitamin E in our "Is Vitamin E good for dogs?" article and our "Can Dogs Have Wheatgerm Oil?" here.

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