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  • Can my pet drink Coffee?

    January 11, 2022 3 min read

    Why your dog needs a doggolatte by Laila and Me

    Benefits of Doggolatte for dogs

    Have you ever wondered if your pet can drink Coffee or a Pup Cup? Although we do not recommend the real deal we do recommend our Doggolatte for Pets that includes lots of health benefits and an easy way to add supplements to your pets diet. Our Doggolatte not only has multiple benefits but is a great Pup Cup probiotic to add to your pets diet. 

    Did you know that most of your dog’s immune system is in their gut?

    Your dog has a unique collection of hundreds of different types of bacteria and microbes in their gastrointestinal (GI) tract, referred to collectively as the gut microbiome. A healthy microbiome is crucial for your dog’s overall health, from nutrient absorption to mental health. When bacteria become out of balance, disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), digestive issues, immune system reactions, diabetes, and even depression can result.

    Modern society is seeing a rise in microbiome-associated disorders in our dogs and ourselves. This is due to modern pet food diets, medications (particularly antibiotics), and lifestyle choices (ie. being mostly indoors, antimicrobial cleaners, etc). Luckily, it is possible to restore and maintain a healthy gut microbiome for your pup without using medications with adverse side effects.

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    Are you feeding all of your dog’s microbes?

    Diversity is a good thing! When it comes to your dog’s microbiome, bacterial diversity comes from the food your dog eats. From live bacteria to nutrients that allow good bacteria to flourish, there are many great ways to supplement your dog’s diet to improve their digestive health including prebiotic, probiotics, fermented foods and raw food.

    Source: Animal Biome

    What are dog probiotics and prebiotic?

    Probiotics are live organisms that provide health benefits. These good bacteria are found in your dog’s gut, in fermented foods and in supplements.

    Prebiotics are soluble, indigestible fiber contained in some foods that feed the beneficial bacteria (or probiotics) in your dog’s gut. More than 80% of your dog’s immune system lives in the gut. So keeping it healthy means you have to feed the good bacteria. Feeding prebiotics to your dog feeds the probiotics in their gut. Prebiotics help grow, restore and maintain healthy gut flora which support your dog’s immune system.

    Source: Dogs Naturally Magazine

    Riesa Renata – Master Bowie

    Probiotic-rich foods:

    - Raw goats milk
    - Kefir
    - Sauerkraut or other fermented vegetables - Greek yogurt
    - Goats cheese

    Probiotic-rich foods:

    - Bananas
    - Mushrooms (not wild/store bought mushrooms) - Garlic
    - Cooked pumpkin
    - Chicory root
    - Burdock root
    - Dandelion greens

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    Benefits of Pet Coffee

    Chicory root is high in the prebiotic fiber inulin. This makes it a very rich source of food for probiotics. It’s also naturally semi-sweet.
    Other Chicory root benefits:

    • Improved digestion
    • Anti-inflammatory support for the intestinal tract
    • Alleviates constipation
    • Provides antioxidant support

    Burdock root offers the same high levels of inulin as chicory root. However Burdock root doesn’t taste very good to dogs – very bitter taste.

    Other Burdock root benefits:

    • Bladder and kidney support
    • Provides a wide range of nutrients inc. calcium, phosphorus, iron and B vitamins
    • Great support for flaky, oily or inflammatory skin issues
    • Regulates blood sugar
    • Anti-inflammatory support
    • Antioxidant support
    • Helps with liver and gallbladder detoxification
    • Cancer treatment and prevention

    Riesa Renata – Master Bowie

    Dandelion root acts as a liver tonic to help stimulate bile production and increase circulation in the liver. This helps remove toxins from the body through waste via the kidneys. Dandelion root can also treat gallstones and gallbladder inflammation. The root is a natural diuretic and a good source of vitamins A, C, K and B, magnesium, zinc, potassium, iron, calcium and choline. It also comprises up to 40% inulin.

    Cinnamon has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which can help manage joint pain and reduce swelling in arthritic dogs. It is believed to help improve brain function and regulate blood sugar levels which is beneficial for dogs suffering from diabetes.

    Source: Dogs Naturally Magazine and Canine Nutritionist

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