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  • Memory Foam Pet Beds that help with Arthritis Support

    January 11, 2022 2 min read

    Chasing Winter Memory Foam Pet Bed by Chasing Winter - Laila and Me

    Chasing Winter Pet Beds with Memory Foam

    As you guys know we are very passionate about sharing the love with other like minded businesses and we could not go past Chasing Winter. Not only are they an Australian Designed Pet Company but they are also changing the ways our pets should be sleeping. 

    Memory Foam Pet Beds 

    It is time to ditch the old bed and bring in the new one! Designed with multi-layer memory foam cushioning, Chasing Winter has designed the Cloud pet bed which  reacts to your pet’s body shape, weight and temperature. With a pressure-absorbing memory foam inner cushion, this is an orthopaedic memory foam dog bed ideal for pets with arthritis or joint issues; and for dogs of al ages who love to collapse into a pile of soft, sleepy relaxation after a long day.

    Chasing Winter Beds for Orthopaedic Dogs

    Our Beds are not only the perfect option for your older pet but are also amazing for puppies as they are Stain-Resistant, Machine Washable, Zipper-Guarded, Hypoallergenic, Ultra-Durable and suits all home decor styles in wither our Sage Green Dog Bed or Grey Pet Bed.

    Unique Memory Foam Bed for Dogs

    It’s unique memory effect satisfies your beloved pooch’s every need, and we’d tell you about it’s tri-layer technology that allows and promotes air flow to help regulate your pup’s body temperature, but we know what you really want to know whether this bed is comfy enough to have your pup making that adorable ‘woof’ noise in their dreams...and it is.

    Read our 5-Star Real Review 


    Picasso was limping favouring his right shoulder, so badly In fact that we called the vet to get an appointment. The damage was getting progressively worse over the past few months. We have had him on a joint formula but it wasn’t giving any sign of getting better. The stress in the shoulder was from him trying to support his weight whilst on his side. He slept ALL night on the bed from the time Keith bought it home and didn’t move till this morning. Just one night on the bed has given him pain free movement again with only the slightest favouring.  I’m amazed to say the least!  

    We will still take him to the vet as a precaution but they are likely to wonder what all the fuss is about! We totally support your product.” - Donna

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