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  • Can Pets eat Crocodile? Pet Food Industry Explained

    March 20, 2023 3 min read 1 Comment

    Can Pets eat Crocodile? Pet Food Industry Explained

    Can my dog eat Crocodile?

    Contrary to what some people envision, we don’t actually head up North with our Akubra’s on and machetes in hand ready to wrestle wild crocodiles just to cut off their feet and tails and sell them to our customer.

    Crocodiles, like all other animals from the human supply chain are farmed in Australia and used for their meat and skins. Previously, unwanted parts of these animals has ended up going to waste and ending up in landfill, and THIS is in fact, where we come in.

    Here at Laila and Me we have a ‘nose-to-tail’ philosophy, which means we salvage every part of the animal such as the feet, tails, legs and meat that is not wanted for human consumption and process it into the perfect treat and/or dental chew for your pet.

    There are SO many benefits to this including no wastage of the animal that has perished for human consumption and use, Australian made and manufactured products, ethical and eco-friendly practices, and Australian farmers being paid for what would usually end up in their bins and then to landfill.

    Unlike some cowboys out there in the pet food industry, we ALWAYS do our research and track the supply chain from start to finish to make sure we are using the best quality, sustainable, eco-friendly Australian products that are available. If we aren’t sure where something has come from (even if we know we will sell it and make a profit) we would never (ever ever) use it.

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    Benefits of Crocodile meat for Pets

    There is a reason why extremely health focuses humans love crocodile meat, and these reasons transfer over to our pets too. Crocodile is a lean and novel protein making it the perfect option for allergy-prone pets, and pets who need to keep an eye on their waistlines, cholesterol, and sodium levels. It is high in protein and Omega 3 and has a rich vitamin and mineral content.

    • Lean Protein
    • Novel Protein
    • Great for Pets with Allergies
    • Great for Pets on a Diet
    • High in Protein, Omega 3 and Rich in Minerals and Vitamins

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    What is Novel Protein?

    A novel protein is ideal for pets with allergies who are in elimination diets and food trials. More often than not, pets (particularly with skin allergies) flare up with more common proteins used in the pet food industry such as chicken and beef.

    The look, taste and texture of crocodile meat is very similar to chicken, and most dogs are happy to dive straight into these tasty morsels. When it comes to fussier dogs, the dental treats (feet and tails) can seem to freak them out a little at first which is probably fair enough…you have just presented them with a weird scaley thing with claws!

    If you find this is the case, we recommend giving them some time. Usually once they realise it is not moving and not going to hurt them, they will investigate it further…realise it smells amazing…give it a little lick…and be chewing on it happily in no time.

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    So, are you ready to dive in to Crocodile Pet Treats?

    If you have any further queries about our crocodile treats (or any of our products), we pride ourselves on being completely transparent and are happy to send through more information.

    Please email us on

    1 Response

    Tanya Sly
    Tanya Sly

    July 24, 2023

    How do I store the crocodile feet & tails so they don’t go rancid.
    I like to savour them & not provide them all at once. Last time I noticed they began to go a little white, I had them in the pantry.

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