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  • What is a Bully Stick and are they really healthy for pets?

    March 31, 2022 2 min read

    What is a Bully Stick and are they really healthy for pets?

    Bully Sticks have quickly become one of the go-to treats for most dog owners. Not only does it keep them occupied but it helps clean their teeth and keep their gums healthy but the questions are, What is a Bully Stick? Are Bully Sticks Safe for Puppies? Can Bully Sticks help with Dental Health? We dive into some of the most common questions below.

    What are Bully Sticks and what are they made of?

    If you didn't know already well you are about to find out.. Bully Sticks are made from the Bull's Private Parts, Specifically the Penis. It may seem a bit shocking but wait until you hear the benefits of the bully stick plus they are a safer and greater alternative to any rawhide chew on the market or... well ever! At Laila and Me we have two sizes of bully sticks to choose from depending on your pets breed, size and age.

    Bully Sticks also known as Pizzle Sticks, Bull Pizzle or Pizzles are a scrumptious and long-lasting chew to not only keep your pet occupied but to help clean their teeth out, but we will get to that soon! They aren't too sticky like a bone that should be fed outside and they remain in shape for a long time. We do recommend taking the Bully Stick away from your pet once it becomes too small and a chocking hazard.

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    Are Bully Sticks Safe for Puppies?

    We cannot recommend our Bully Sticks for puppies anymore than you could, not only are they a 100% Natural Chew but they are safe and great to keep a puppy busy. They are also a great training treat for puppies that love to bite - just simply replace the object, or yourself with a bully stick and reward them for chewing on it instead.

    What are the benefits of giving your puppy a bully stick

    • Long-Lasting Chew
    • Lots of flavour that lasts 
    • High in Protein
    • Low in Fat Treat
    • Natural Pet Treat and Safe
    • Help promote good dental health and teething

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    Can Bully Sticks help my pets Dental Health?

    Keep your pet smiling with nice shiny pearly whites with the help of a bully stick. Not only do Bully Sticks help promote healthy gums but they help support healthy teeth and they can help scrape away any buildup or plaque that may be sitting on the teeth and gums. With a good dental routine and teeth-brushing your pet will always be feeling like the top dog they should be. 

    Over to you

    Does your dog love to hide their bully stick for later or are they type to finish it there and then, even if it takes a long time?





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