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  • What are the best Puppy Training Treats?

    March 29, 2022 2 min read

    What are the best puppy treats? Laila and Me

    What Treats should I give to my new puppy?

    When it comes to puppies they are full of learning, growing and trying new things or perhaps learning how to be a daredevil with no fear. That is why at Laila and Me, we think it is beneficial to start getting your new little puppy into trying new treats and foods that they will love. We have curated a list of some of the best treats we find help with new puppy owners and what they are useful for.

    Puppy Training Treats

    There are plenty of puppy training treats on the market that are actually not good for your puppy and can cause them more harm than good, that is why all our treats are made in shop and have no extra nasties. We recommend our Kangaroo Dehydrated Pet Treats as the perfect training treat. 


    • Easily Broken up into Small Puppy Size Bite Pieces
    • All Natural - Nothing nasty added
    • Low in Fat
    • Great for dogs with allergies

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    What is the best chew treat for puppies?

    A crowd favourite for entertaining those puppies who love to bite and chew on things that they shouldn't are our natural bully sticks. They may sound a bit funny and in-fact that are a bulls.... (Don't make us say it) but they are the perfect long-lasting pet chew to not only keep your puppy busy and entertained but keep their teeth healthy. 


    • Natural Puppy Chew Treats
    • Long-lasting to keep your new puppy entertained
    • Great for dental health
    • Available in in two sizes

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    Snuffle Mat Puppy Treats

    When introducing new foods and treats to puppies we feel it can sometimes be best to do it slowly so we suggest our Naturally Dehydrated Chicken Jerky that is plain and simple. Not only can they be easily broken up but are the perfect treat to hide into a snuffle mat or enrichment toy. 


    • Lean Meat
    • Naturally Dehydrated by us at Rawvolution
    • 100% Australian Chicken Breast
    • Can be easily broken up 

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    Supplement Powder to add to my puppies meals

    When it comes to adding powders and supplements to your puppies meals we cannot go further than our Bone Broth. It not only helps maintain a healthy gut during the transitioning of new puppy food or introducing new pet treats but it also helps your new puppies immune system. You can simply sprinkle it on-top of your pets meals or add it to your next batch of gummi bears.

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    Over to you

    What is your new puppies favourite Laila and Me Treat or Meal Topper?

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