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  • Table Scraps Meal Topper (Large)

    Meal Topper for Dogs | Combination of Meats

    Have you been blessed with a stubborn and fussy eater? Maybe you feel like your fur babe needs something different to make mealtime more exciting? Our Table Scraps Chunky Meal Topper is just what the doggo ordered!

    • A mix of everything delish – kangaroo, fish, beef, crocodile, lamb liver and wild boar
    • Can be made into gravy by adding 2 TBS to ¼ cup of water
    • 100% Australian made
    • 120g in each bag
    • Don't forget your Dehydrated Pet Treats or Freeze Dried Treats

    Every dog is different, and we always recommend supervising your dog while they are consuming a new treat. Always make sure you have plenty of fibre  on hand just in case your dog has an intolerance to anything new.

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