Dental Chews for Dogs to help Clean their Teeth

Dental chews are SO important for our fur babies. Not only do they keep them busy, but they are also an essential part of keeping their teeth clean and healthy. Does your dog’s breath stink? They might need a helping hand (or antler/ear/tail etc…) to help chip away at that nasty plaque build-up, and get them ready to pucker up in the back row of the movie theatre again.

  • Bully Sticks ‚Äď these dicks‚Ķsorry‚Ķ*sticks, come in standard or extra thick to suit every pooches preference
  • Crocodile Foot ‚Äď Australian farmed byproduct of human-grade quality meat. You know what that means, NOTHING goes to waste!
  • Gummy Shark Tail ‚Äď an excellent, natural, and healthy choice
  • Kangaroo Ear with Fur ‚Äď keep your pooch busy with a hypoallergenic chew treat
  • Pig Trotter (1/2) ‚Äď a little piggy went to the market and got so drunk she left her feet behind. That‚Äôs where we come in! Dehydrated to perfection, this tasty snack will satisfy your dog's natural urge to chew chew CHEW!
  • Moo Tube ‚Äď you poked it, you smelt it, you looked inside it‚Ķbut what is it? It‚Äôs the beef trachea, aka the windpipe! A great (stuffable) dental snack to keep your pooch busy
  • Natural Cow Skin Chew ‚Äď a long-lasting treat that is also a great dental snack to keep your dog's mouth and teeth clean
  • Pig Snout ‚Äď gotcha nose! Now imma eat it. Tough, chewy cartilage treat
  • Natural Cow Ear with Fur ‚ÄďOK these things are huge, and will be sure to keep your dog busy for days! Each ear is approx. 20cm in length (sizes vary as they are a natural treat)
  • Cow Toe ‚Äď kick bad teeth in the face! A healthy, long-lasting (and stuffable) dog chew
  • Squid Bite (Limited Edition) ‚Äď looking for something a bit dif? Squid is low in fat and high in vitamin B2, B12 as well as choline, selenium, copper, and omega 3 fatty acids
  • Natural Cow Nose with Fur ‚Äď something smells like a great option for a long-lasting treat with fur
  • Spanish Mackerel Tails ‚Äď our mack tails will keep your pup busy while topping them up with omega 3‚Äôs
  • Happy Feet Bundle ‚Äď does your dog have a foot fetish? Sample all our feet, toe, and trotter options wrapped up in a bundle. Did someone say serious value??
  • Goat Horn Large (no marrow) ‚Äď a horny goat walks into a bar‚Ķand sheds his horns for your dog to enjoy endless chew time
  • Deer Antler (naturally shed) ‚Äď each season, deer‚Äôs naturally shed their antlers. Luckily we are there to pick them up and provide them to happy little chewy fur babies nationwide

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