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    Bulk Moo Tubes (Unpackaged)

    Big Bag of Moo Tubes for Pets

    All-natural, long-lasting pet chew made from cows' trachea and windpipe. Our Naturally Dehydrated Moo Tubes are specially prepared to provide a satisfying chew for your furry friend. They can be filled with a variety of treats, such as raw meat or yogurt, to enhance the chewing experience.

    For added enrichment, you can freeze the Moo Tube after stuffing it with delicious goodies, or give it to your pet fresh. The durable texture of Moo Tubes ensures that your pet will enjoy hours of chewing pleasure while promoting dental health and providing mental stimulation.

    Treat your beloved companion to the delightful and versatile Moo Tubes, a nutritious and entertaining option that your pet will love.

    • Comes in a 400g Sized Bag (Approx 6-9 Moo Tubes per bag)
    • Dehydrated in Melbourne
    • Can be stuffed with other treats
    • Great Meal Enrichment Tool
    • Long-Lasting Dental Pet Chew
    • Looking for a Single Moo Tube or Shop our entire dental range online

    **PLEASE NOTE** All bulk treats are packaged in ziplock bags 

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    The Laila and Me premium range of dehydrated pet treats are a healthy alternative to commercially available pet treats packed full of preservatives. Our single protein treats are Made in Australia with locally sourced, human-grade meat from a HACCP-approved facility.