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  • Chicken Jerky


    Chicken Jerky for Dogs

    Our Naturally Dehydrated Chicken Jerky for Dogs is a crowd favourite and made from 100% Australian Chicken Breast!

    This treat is low in fat with only 1.8% fat content - So perfect for the pups who are trying to maintain their weight. 

    About our Dehydrated Chicken Jerky:

    • Lean meat high protein dog treat, which provides your dog or puppy an extra energy supply without a big calorie intake.
    • 100% Australian Chicken Breast
    • Low fat, High protein!
    • High Value Reward Treat
    • Single Ingredient Protein (NO preservatives, additives or nasties)
    • Manufactured in Victoria
    • Pet Nutritionist & Vet Approved
    • Dog, Cat and Puppy safe.

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    Nutritional Information
    Crude Protein 80%, Crude Fat 9%, Crude Fiber 0%, Crude Ash 4%, Moisture 5%
    100% Natural Australian Chicken
    Age Group Recommendations
    Dogs of all ages can enjoy our Dehydrated Chicken Jerky! They are a healthy, high value treat that is easy to break and low in fat.
    Is Chicken a Low-Fat Pet Treat?
    Chicken breast is an excellent source of low-fat, high-quality animal protein. Protein is the building blocks of the body and dogs have particularly high protein requirements. Like all animal proteins, chicken is a “complete” protein, meaning that it contains all ten of the essential amino acids that dogs require for health. All B vitamins are present in chicken meat, but it is a particularly good source of vitamin B3, which is vital for energy production. Poultry like chicken is also the best dietary source of vitamin B6, which offers the same benefits as B3, while also supporting the health of the immune system and brain. Chicken is naturally low in sodium while offering high levels of the important but often scarce mineral selenium. Selenium is important for the health of the immune system. High levels of phosphorous are also present in this lean meat, which is vital for bone health, as well as moderate levels of zinc, copper, magnesium and iron. It is a nutritious and lean protein that most dogs love.
    Can my puppy have this?
    Yes, however we always recommend checking with your vet about your puppy's diet as their growth needs are sensitive. Laila and Me treats are a healthy, high value reward that can make training so much easier! Our treats should never replace a balanced diet for any age, but especially puppies. Our treats do not contain any fillers, preservatives or any hidden ingredients that will be harmful to your dog. Please supervise your puppy at all times when enjoying any treat. 
    I have a question, how can I get in touch?
    We welcome any and all questions! Please contact us here
    When will my order be shipped?
    All orders are shipped within 1-3 business days from our Melbourne Warehouse. In peak sale times this will increase, but it will always be communicated. We appreciate your patience during peak times and endeavour to have your order to you as quick as possible!