Freeze Dried Raw Wild Boar Treats

  • Suitable for dogs
  • 60 gm/140g resealable pouch

Freeze Dried Raw Wild Boar Treats

  • Freeze drying ensure that all of the nutrients are retained and not damaged through heat.
  • Freeze dried food has a shelf like of up to 30 years, when stored at a wide range of temperatures.
  • While dehydrating may impact the nutritional value of some foods by degrading nutrients, freeze drying retains all nutrients in their original state.
  • Freeze drying does not affect the flavour or texture of the food, unlike almost all other preservations methods.
  • Freeze drying makes food much lighter, which make it more cost effective to post.
  • Freeze drying reduces around 99% of the moisture in food, creating an unlikely environment for bacteria and mould to grow.


Freeze dried wild boar is a unique and exciting single ingredient treat. This unusual protein is similar to pork, but is considerably leaner and low in saturated fats. It also contains much higher concentrations of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein – protein is the single most important nutrient in a canine diet.

Wild boar is an excellent source of B vitamins – especially niacin (B3) and thiamine (B1) – zinc, selenium, phosphorous and iron.

Because wild boar is an uncommon protein, this treat is ideal for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities. The fact that it is wild caught, rather than farmed using conventional methods, means that it is free from any added hormones, antibiotics, steroids or other additives that can be found in farmed animals.

regular: 60g

Large 140g

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    Jodi T.
    Australia Australia
    Hungry for quality food

    love this product

    Jane G.
    Australia Australia
    Great treats

    These treats are amazing just so healthy ! George loves them.

    Cathy J.
    Australia Australia
    My dog loves these

    My dog loves the freeze dried treats I bought. He taps the cupboard wanting them,

    Alana M.
    Australia Australia
    Tasty cookie alternative

    I was a bit worried about the size of the treats as one of our dogs is a guts and swallows things without chewing, but because of the freeze dried texture, we had no issues. Both dogs were huge fans!

    Claire F.
    Australia Australia
    Heckin delish

    Great to cut into little bits for training treats! Or as a mid day snack!

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