Kangaroo Jerky


Kangaroo Jerky that is Dehydrated for dogs and pets.

  • Kangaroo Jerky Pet Treat is a single protein product ingredient
  • Making it a healthy nutritious dog treat.
  • Kangaroo is naturally organic and free-range meat, as it isn’t farmed.
  • The Laila and Me Dehydrated Kangaroo Jerky For Dogs, can be easily broken up into small amounts, making it an excellent training treat.

Healthy Naturally Dehydrated Kangaroo Jerky for dog treats are made here in Melbourne Australia.

Kangaroo Jerky for dogs is a single protein product ingredient, which means we have added nothing extra in the dehydrating process. Kangaroo Jerky that’s it! Making it a healthy nutritious dog treat.

Dogs who require a low-fat diet (especially if they suffer from pancreatitis) don’t usually get to enjoy treats, as a lot of treats on the market are full of fat, salt, sugar, and additives. Giving your dog Kangaroo jerky, as a natural dog treat is a safe alternative, one they can enjoy!

Kangaroo is naturally organic and free-range meat, as it isn’t farmed. - This is a huge benefit for dogs and pets presenting with skin and food allergies.

The Laila and Me dehydrated Kangaroo jerky treat can be easily broken up into small amounts, making it an excellent training treat, or treat for your loved dog when they are just being a good girl without the guilt or the calories!

Most importantly don't feed your dogs supermarket or pet shop kangaroo jerky that states “all-natural” because you will find it they have added glycerine to make it heavier- be sure to always check the ingredients, and if it isn’t a single product protein, put the treats down, and run, don’t walk away!

Some of our Laila and Me customers are on very strict diets, we have catered this range to be grain-free, a great tasty treat Australian-made organic dog treat.

What is your dog’s favorite dog treat? Have you tried our whole range of natural dehydrated treats? We also have Chicken jerky, Chicken Necks, Whitebait, Pilchards, and Lamb Liver. All Natural, All grain-free; all Australian, and all single product species-appropriate dog treats for your pet.

Be sure to treat your dog and pets right! They will thank you!

Dog Nutrition

All of our Laila and Me Dehydrated Range of treats is backed Australia's trusted Dog Nutritionist Clare Kearney from HUNDE 

Be sure to head over to HUNDE website to read about a healthy raw diet and treats, as well as customised meal plans for your Canine or Feline.

Treat your pets with the benefits of healthy food.


Kangaroo is one of the leanest meats available, containing only 2% fat and with much of that being healthier, unsaturated fat. It is a good source of high quality protein and contains all of the ten essential amino acids that dogs require for health. Kangaroo is an excellent source of iron, which is important for transporting oxygen around the body and immune system health, as well as zinc, which is essential for growth, wound healing and immune health. Kangaroo meat has very high levels of B vitamins, particularly B12, which are important for releasing energy from food and producing red blood cells.

Like venison, kangaroo meat contains high levels of L-carnitine, when compared to other red meats like beef. While this is not good news for humans as L-carnitine can lead to heart disease for us, it is good news for dogs because for them it can actually act to prevent heart disease.

Interestingly, kangaroo meat also contains Omega 3 fatty acids, which are not commonly found in high levels in conventionally farmed ruminant animals. Traditionally we think of these nutrients as being found in oily fish, but kangaroo is another good option for adding more of these important fatty acids to your dog’s diet. Omega 3 has powerful anti-inflammatory potential and is essential for health, while also commonly being deficient in the modern canine diet.


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    Darren T.
    Australia Australia
    Well Behaved Pups

    We’ve got 2 Boston terrier puppies. Our little girl has a sensitive stomach and this has helped us train her without issues of upsetting her. Our little man just loves it as much. We are often running low on these. Highly recommend these to anyone!

    Amanda C.
    Australia Australia
    Awesome treats

    My frenchie pup loves them Puppy parents at my puppy school have all asked what we treat with Fantastic natural stuff

    Kylie F.
    Australia Australia
    Puppies say Tim

    A hit with the puppies they loved it , have other jerky before they won’t touch it Definitely but for them again

    A Laila and Me Customer
    Colleen S.
    Australia Australia
    Kangaroo Jerky is the best!

    Our dog loves Laila & Me's kangaroo jerky. We use it as a treat for training. Our dog has a sensitive stomach and we have found this doesn't upset him at all. We have tried other kangoroo jerky brands but have found this is really good because we can easily break it into smaller pieces for training, whereas others are too big... We also love knowing that is from Laila & Me because we trust them to not put any nasties in the food. Thank you for this product. It makes our training sessions much more enjoyable!

    Esther L.
    Australia Australia
    Crunchy Kanga

    My boys (moodle, malshi & shoodle) LOVE the treat

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