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  • Parsley Chicken Jerky


    Low-Fat Pet Treat

    Naturally Dehydrated and 100% Australian Chicken Breast with added parsley, which is an excellent source of vitamins C and K. Parsley is also good for bad breath, soothing an upset tummy and digestive issues, and is also a natural diuretic, so this jerky is perfect for dogs prone to UTIs or bladder issues
    • Low in fat treat with 1.8% fat
    • Chicken Jerky is a lean meat high protein dog treat, that provides your dog or puppy an extra energy supply without a big calorie intake.
    • No Laila and Me dehydrated range of dog treats have any added salt, sugar, additives, or preservatives.
    • Just all-natural dog treats made and packaged in Melbourne, Australia
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    All of our Laila and Me Dehydrated Range of treats is backed by Australia's trusted Dog Nutritionist Clare Kearney from HUNDE

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