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  • Bulk Croc Feet (Unpackaged)

    Bulk Crocodile Feet for Dogs

    With no additives or preservatives, you can feel confident knowing that our Bulk Crocodile Feet for Dogs are a natural and healthy choice for your pet. We believe in keeping things simple and pure, providing a single-product protein ingredient treat that supports your dog's dietary needs.

    • 100% Australian Crocodile
    • No additives or preservatives
    • Single-product protein ingredient
    • 1kg unpackaged bags
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    **PLEASE NOTE** All bulk treats are packaged in ziplock bags 

    Please read this before purchasing

    Crocodile feet are fragile, and while every care is taken during packaging, some may break during transit.

    We always recommend supervising and monitoring your pet while they’re consuming a treat or chew & ensuring that you have picked a treat that is size appropriate and appropriate for the chewing style of your dog.

    Dogs and Cats have jaws and a teeth structure that is different to humans, as they cannot move their jaw side to side to "chew"  they can only move their jaw up and down to grind their food. 

    Each dog will have its own chew/grind style, it's not a one size fits all approach, Dogs will have chew styles that vary between aggressive chewers/golpers who are desperate to finish the treat/chew as fast as they can to dogs who are methodical and like to take there time. 

    Dogs and cats will naturally swallow food/treats/bones that are just small enough to pass through their esophagus, if they cannot swallow it whole, they will regurgitate it up and grind it again to make it small enough to swallow.  This can be quite distressing for humans to see as we think our dog is choking, so we strongly suggest you supervise your dog and make sure the treats you are giving them are size appropriate for your dog's own chew style. 

    Chewing is a great stress reliever for your dog! so let them find a quiet spot to alleviate some anxiety and give their teeth a good clean.

    100% Crocodile Feet. 
    Can my puppy have this?
    We recommend dogs over 6 months of age enjoy our Crocodile Feet However, make sure you check out our puppy safe treats here. Our personal favourites are our easy-to-break Lamb liver and Chicken Jerky!
    I have a question, how can I get in touch?
    We welcome any and all questions! Please contact us here

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