Seafood Pet Treats

Does your pet love the taste of seafood? At Laila and Me we offer a range of Naturally Dehydrated Pet Treats, Freeze-Dried Pet Treats, Meal Enhancers, or Dental Chews. All Australian made dog treats that will keep your pets occupied and entertained.

So what do we have on offer from the ocean?

- Long-lasting Dental Pet Chew Gummy Shark Tail

- Naturally Dehydrated Whitebait

- Organic and Naturally Dehydrated Pilchards

- Dehydrated Gummy Shark Cartilage Pet Treats

- Dehydrated Fish Sampler Bundle

- Seafood Meal Topper for Dogs 

- Dehydrated Mackerel Tails for Pets

- Dehydrated NZ Green Lipped Mussels for Pets

- Freeze-Dried Raw Salmon Bellies

- Dental Squid Bite for Dogs

- Seafood Meal Topper made from Gummy Sharks

- Spanish Mackerel Tail for Chewing


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