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  • Spirulina Powder for Dogs

    Spirulina Powder for Dogs: Anti-inflammatory Powder

    Our Freeze-Dried Spirulina Powder for Dogs is not only the perfect Anti-inflammatory supplement but it helps promote good gut health for pets. High in antioxidants and high in copper, iron, and Vitamin B. Your pet won't know themselves after trying this powder. Don't forget to add a meal topper for extra added supplements.

    Our range of Superfood Powders has been designed for an easy, accessible and nutritional boost for your furry best friend! They might be small but they pack a punch of nutrients. Our Spirulina Powder for Dogs is no different!
    • Known as a type of Blue-Green Algae
    • Extremely high in protein
    • High in Copper, Iron, and Vitamin B
    • Easily Digestible for pet and highly bioavailable
    • High antioxidant composition
    • Anti-tumour, anti-inflammatory,¬†neuroprotective, and gut health-supporting properties in animals
    • Great for pets with allergies¬†
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      Ingredients: 100% freeze-dried Spirulina powder

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