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  • Coloured Superfood Pet Powder Bundle

    Coloured Superfood Pet Powder Bundle

    This comprehensive bundle includes Spirulina, Dragonfruit, Butterfly Pea Flower, and Beetroot powders, each carefully chosen to support your furry friend's health.

    Spirulina provides essential nutrients, Dragonfruit adds antioxidants, Butterfly Pea Flower aids in stress reduction, and Beetroot enhances overall vitality. With this bundle, you can easily boost your pet's nutrition and delight their taste buds.

    Treat your pet to the ultimate natural wellness experience.


    1 x Spirulina Powder for Pets
    1 x Dragonfruit Powder for Pets
    1 x Butterfly Pea Flower for Pets
    1 x Beetroot Powder for Pets

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