Total Tripe Topper (Large Bag)

Green tripe for dogs

  • 120g untreated and untouched Australian beef tripe

Green tripe for dogs

Green tripe
 is the untreated contents of a grazing animal’s stomach or intestines.

It may sound gross, but this highly nutritions food, contains plenty of enzymes, good gut bacteria, and nutrients that are amazing for your pet’s health.

It’s also a very natural part of both dogs and cats’ ancestral diets. Since both dogs and cats were hunters before being domesticated, they would often consume their prey’s stomach.

Can you get better than this superfood for your pet?

You wont find any more Natural enzymes thats are found in raw green tripe, than any other treat for your pet. Natural enzymes found in food are so important for the digestive process by breaking down the dogs food into nutrients.  The more natural enzymes available, the more vitamins and minerals are made available for your dog where they can convert it into usable energy your pet will be able to receive from food.

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    Shadia H.
    Australia Australia
    My dog loves it

    My dog is a poodle x cocker spaniel and she is quite selective with the types of food she will accept. She loves the tripe topper however and she eats a lot more with it administered over her food. Thank you.

    Australia Australia
    Needs to be bigger!

    It's a great way to feed a very difficult to find product, however, being the owner of two giant breeds, a very large economy size option would be so very appreciated......I say as I keep clicking the + button before I add to cart......! :)

    Australia Australia
    Who you gonna call? Gas Busters!

    I was specifically looking for a natural remedy for a particularly offensively flatulent pooch (Sorry not sorry Indy), and with some help from Cassandra, thought I'd give the Tripe Topper a go, it couldn't hurt right?....And it has been great! Probably reduced the amount AND intensity of gas by about 80% after just a week or so, AND they LOVE IT! I give it to both my girls as it's so good for them....they come running and jumping when I open the pack haha! NB: There was no obvious cause for the flatulence apart from them eating plain dirt I'd been using to fill holes in the yard, they both have the flatulence, but no other symptoms, had I felt they were unwell in the slightest, I would've taken them to the vet for a check, but their stools are formed and look and smell normal, it was only the gas, they're both otherwise their normal happy energetic selves!

    Danielle B.
    Another yummy topper our fussy girls love!

    Another yummy topper our fussy girls love!

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